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Tuesday, September 07, 2004
Well my poor mini van is dying a slow death. It is time to get a new car (new to me that is). I went shopping this weekend and boy I sure do not like trying to find one. We got this real obnoxious sales lady that insisted on calling me names like chickie (yes I kind you not) and sweetie. I was so frustrated. My search goes on.

Work has been hectic coming off a three day weekend. Loads to catch up on and the other girl that processes with me will be gone part of tomorrow. That means I will have my work load as well as hers. Oh well it can't be help but boy do I feel the pressure.

School has started out to a great start so far for all kids. Jonathan is loving school and I so glad to see him so happy. He adores his kindergarten teacher and his extended day teacher. I am so glad that they are still with the same school. Katherine had the same teacher and I also adore her. She is great with the little ones and does a fantastic job keeping them motivated.

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Another pic Posted by Hello
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First day of school Posted by Hello
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Here are some pictures from the first day of school. The little girl in pink is Jonathan's best friend

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Sunday, August 22, 2004
Wow. It has been a long time since I have blogged. Sorry about that. My mom came through fine. It turned out not to be a heart problem. She is doing good.

The kids are doing great. Jonathan starts kindergarten this year. He is really excited to be going. He will know at least one kid starting in his class. Katherine is starting fourth grade. Michael will be starting seventh grade. I can't believe that kid is in junior high. He is almost as tall as me.

My work has been going very well. I am still with the same compnay. The Lord truly blessed me by bringing me to this company. I received another raise. It was a very nice one and true surprise in the amount. I have advanced from customer service to order processing. I do have one sad note to mark here about my job. This more than anything brought me back to blogging. The owner of our company passed away very suddenly July 30th. She was only 52 and it has rocked our whole company. We are small company and family owned and a lot of our employees were related. Our owner Patti was an awesome lady. I cannot adequatley describe her with my words. She was there for each and everyone of us. I pray that she is with our Father and at peace. This next part is for her.

Thank you for taking a chance on a newly singled mom of three. You gave me a chance and let me shine in your compnay. Thank you for letting me advance and using all of my talents. Thank you for being considerate and kind to my children and sharing in their milestones. Thank you for letting me share my life and religion with you. Thank you for the time you spent with me and the endless times you lent an ear as I went through my divorce. Thank you for the times you let my children come to the office in the morning so I could take them to school when there was no one else that could help. Most of all thank you for never making it seem like I was crossing a line, when I needed to do that. Thank you for helping to show me to be more giving to others and how truly blessed I am. Thank you for your spirit, your grace, your kindness, your energy, your love and caring. All of these things have meant a tremendous amount to me. I want to also thank you for showing us your vulnerabilty and letting us see through you that it is not a weakness to have. That we are ok to ask for help and that in asking we would receive it. Thank you for letting God touch your heart to touch so many of us. I miss you beyond words. I am a selfish person who wants you back. But I understand that you are somewhere better. I loved you as a friend and will remember you for the rest of my life. I promise to be there for your family as you have been for mine.

Thank you and I love you


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Monday, November 10, 2003
Prayers today if you please. My mom is having heart surgery. I really am freak out about this and would greatly appreciate your prayers. Thank you
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Monday, October 20, 2003
Okay I am calmer now. Let me explain that last post. See he finally graduated for t he MBA program and acquired a job paying a really great salary. My child support basically tripled. Which was great, especially since he won't pay for the kids catholic school. I have been paying that on my own and believe me it is a struggle. So finally we get this awesome new amount for literally two months, only to be told that it is changing again. Now his brand new job is an Asst. Manager at a music store. I mean heck can't we grow up just a little bit here? My child support goes back down to almost what it was. You cannot imagine how frustrated I feel and totally beaten down.
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Tuesday, October 07, 2003
ARRRGG!!!! The jerk I kindly refer to as my soon to be ex got his new job. Guess what?? If you guessed it pays a lot less money, then you are correct!!! So once again my child support goes down. So much for a guy who has two bachelor degrees and a MBA. I am so frustrated I could pull my hair out!!
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Friday, October 03, 2003
Boy oh Boy it was a long summer. Things here for me are okay. My work is going good. I still work for the same company and recently got another raise. I am still grateful to be here and thankful I have not sabotage myself. Now the bad news, I am still not divorced. This thing is taking forever. Our newest hold up is the soon to be ex doesn’t like his job and has put everything on hold till he finds something new. ARGGG!!!! He pushed me to get this started and now he puts it on hold because he doesn’t like his job. I am so sick of his B.S. I wish I had the luxury to look around and choose. I just want this down now. My patience is gone. This has dragged out long enough. Of course why should he be concerned about getting this down, I mean he is already living with someone else. To top that off my van has been giving me big problems. Thank the Lord for my step-dad and mom. They have been letting me borrow their cars, while I save to get mine fixed. Very tight budget here. Also my step-dad got his friend from work (a mechanic) to look at my van and will fix very inexpensively for me. Very grateful one that one.
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